It’s all in the punch. Punch in the face. Reality check.

Jumping into something, not knowing a thing about it, is just up my alley; let’s call it, my forte. As I have always jumped first and figured out my way down, while falling…

I chose my latest adventure; opening a second-hand, resale, vintage, and/or a consignment shop, because I needed to slow down a bit, as my “real” profession, a hairdresser, was causing me too much pain, (carpal tunnel, rotator cuff injury, and tendonitis, not to mention, almost at that 50-year-old mark!) So, I thought, I’ll open a shop and “take it easy.” haha! That’s probably the funniest thing that comes to mind, and the furthest thing from the truth.

I have not regretted one minute of my decision; wait, hold up, maybe a second, a millisecond here and there. A passing thought, as it’s now 12am, 1am or even 2am at times, what the hell am I doing!? I mean, what the actual hell am I doing here? As I am stepping over mounds and mounds of clothing, with my fanny pack on the hip (PS. Everyone must invest in one, it’s a lifesaver!! Filled with a pricing gun, extra gun needles, tags, markers, and a bottle of whiskey, a cigarette, and a Valium. I’m kidding about the last three!! They do not make fanny packs that big! Haha!)

See, what I’m learning through all of this, is one, some people are just not nice. No matter what you do, no matter, how hard you try, no matter what you put yourself through to ensure their happiness, no matter what, they are ugly. And that is okay.

Two, you will find out who your friends really are. As many will fall by the wayside, others will come and “fix” a few things for you, and then others will just go rogue. And that is okay.

Three, you will learn a ton about yourself, (as you carry on many conversations with yourself throughout the hours and hours of inventory, relocations and rearranging.) And that is okay.

Lastly, you will learn, that you CAN do it. You can, and you will. You’ll learn, you’ll adapt, you’ll find the time, and you’ll kick ass.

Therefore, your idea of helping others in their quest to find their own treasure and to help them make a little extra money on the side, and most importantly to see them beam with excitement and gratitude. Your amazing plan to help save the planet by being a part of sustainable fashion. Finally, your own personal love for thrifting and finding THAT hidden treasure, the “gem,” your “once in a lifetime find.” It will all come to be. It will all work out. It is a lot of work, do not let anyone tell you any different. It is late nights, early mornings, it is 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but by far, it is one of the best things you will ever do.

Remember, this is your baby, your vision, your love, your sweat and tears; and believe me, there will be lots. So you have THAT right to move the couch to the other wall if you want to, or mark down those shoes because you know someone really wants them, or introduce yourself as “the junk lady.” You have that RIGHT.

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Tina Kay aka “The Junk Lady”

Published by 86 UpCycle

I’m just a girl rediscovering herself. Finding out that happiness is really what’s important! #fortheloveofjunk #vintagestyle #86UpCycle #consignment #thrifting

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