Living on a prayer, NO, on a cliché.

Well, here’s the deal…

‘I’m learning as I go.’

I’m taking steps, a year ago, I would have never imagined I would take today. ‘Only time will tell.’ I’m standing up for myself, and for my decisions. ‘All for one, and one for all.’ I’m praying, I’m praying a lot. ‘Living on a prayer.’ ‘I am oh so close, and yet oh so very far.’

‘You can teach an old dog, new tricks.’ I’m understanding ‘it’s okay, to not be okay.’ I am grateful, and I am blessed, but I am still a mess.

I am realizing that ‘getting older isn’t really a walk in the park.’ (more like, a brisk run, in 105 degree weather, while a pack of dogs, angry people, and a few kids, chase you down a never-ending sidewalk while throwing rocks… okay? Too far?? Maybe a bit, but jeez!) I feel, ‘As old as the hills.’ I now have more respect for my elders, especially women, menopause SUCKS!

Grief is a weird bird, in fact, it’s mind-blowing. ‘Life is short.’ And, a true goal of mine is, I want good things to happen to those I love, I truly do.

I cannot fix everything, honestly I can’t FIX or change a lot of things, But, as we all know, ‘Time heals all wounds.’

‘If I had known what I know now’, whoa.

Clichés that I’ve heard throughout my life, are yes, annoying at times, redundant, and sometimes comical, but for the most part, all, or mostly all, are correct. At least in my life…

I have been handed lemons and I intend to make some damn good lemonade, because every cloud DOES HAVE a silver lining and this is just the calm before the storm! You know as well as I do, I can’t cry over spilled milk, because all that glitters isn’t gold. THEREFORE, All is fair in love and war, and all’s well that ends well, so take a seat, grab your popcorn and coke, and let’s both see what happens!!

‘Peace be with you.’

tina kay.

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I’m just a girl rediscovering herself. Finding out that happiness is really what’s important! #fortheloveofjunk #vintagestyle #86UpCycle #consignment #thrifting

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